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Earnings & Payment

Secure Payments via PayPal

All payments are disbursed via PayPal. Handmadeadserver pays publishers on a monthly basis. We want to get your money into your hands as soon as possible, therefore we have a very low minimum withdrawal amount of just $50. You can user your control panel right on site to request your withdrawal, it's that simple!

Do You Know The Net-60 rule?

Typically on most PPC sites they abide by the Net-60 Rule where Payments are issued in US Dollars, two months (net-60) after you accrue them. With Handmadeadserver we prepare for your payment withdrawal the day after your account reaches $50.

Looking for extra earnings?

Why not become an advertiser? Handmadeadserver FRONT PAGE has 6 FEATURED BANNERS showing at any one time. Now you can have your banner featured, for the low introductory price of just $25 per month!!! For complete details, please click here.

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