Cash in on your website or blog

Now publishers of all sizes can receive high pay-outs for their web properties. Handmadeadserver connects publishers with 100,000 advertisers, high PPCs, and the real-time reports you need to build your business. We're not looking to replace AdSense, we are suggesting you use Handmadeadserver to generate additional incremental revenue from your existing content.

How It Works

You Paste Ad Code On Your Site:
Displaying Handmadeadserver ads on your website is as easy as adding a small piece of code on your web page.
Targeted Ads Are Displayed:
Handmadeadserver immediately begins displaying highly-targeted ads on your website or blog. Each ad is specifically targeted based upon our unique demographic information.
Users View Ads - You Get Paid:
You get paid for every ad shown!

Getting Paid

Secure and Reliable Payments with PayPal:
Fast, secure and reliable payments are made via PayPal after your account balance reaches a minimum of $50.
How Much You Get Paid:
The amount that you are paid depends on a number of factors including the type of ad you display and the quantity and quality of the clicks on your ads. Handmadeadserver is a CPM and CPC network, meaning that you get paid for every ad shown and for clicks.


Handmadeadserver allows you to partner with other networks. There is no exclusive contract with Handmadeadserver.

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